David Allen Wizardgold

David Allen Wizardgold is a digital media content producer and uses his love of technology to produce art in the form of photographs, writing and video. David's favourite form of photography is HDR photography and this is because it is the final image that is important and not the starting point of taking a photograph. David likes to alter manipulate and cajole a photograph into something that is bright colourful and bold. This is quite easy to do with HDR photography and sometimes you have to remember not to go too far.

David Allen Wizardgold is based in Catalonia which is in the North East of Spain.

David Allen WIzardgold also likes other types of photography such as macro photography and street photography. Using the Sony NEX-6 camera and a wide-angle pancake lens, David will go hunting in the streets for interesting shots of people just doing their stuff.

David has created over 200 videos on YouTube that are tutorials to show how to do things with Mac applications, iOS applications and now also Android apps. Most of the videos are tutorials but there are also one or two reviews of applications. David uses his background as a teacher in a previous life to create videos that are useful for ordinary users of technology that want to learn how to do things.

David Allen Wizardgold - Writer

David has written one novel although that is only at the first draft stage. There is an outside chance that one day it will be rewritten into something that can be put in front of readers in bookstores. David Allen Wizardgold is quite passionate about the idea of being able to bypass the gatekeepers of the old ways of doing things and by that I mean editors and publishers. David believes it is a good way of doing things to be able to use the possibilities of the Internet to self publish in as many different ways as possible. There is a new novel in the process of being written at the present time and this one probably has more chance of seeing the light of day.

Wizardgold social media

David has a presence on you all of the Internet social media websites starting with the big three, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and also anywhere else it is possible to create a presence. Obviously with photography being a big part of David's creative lifestyle then websites such as 500 PX and Flickr are places to go to if you want to find examples of his art.